Pre-Immigration Tax Planning

Typically when our clients are deciding to immigrate to the United States it is not because of the tax laws and despite what many think, the US tax laws can be very flexible and accommodating to new tax residents.

The problems arise when people move to the United States without Consulting a US tax expert. If your number 1 goal is to move to and live in the United States, we will help you mitigate US income tax exposure.

The problem isn't the US tax rates, it is the method and requirements around the reporting of your worldwide income.

There are a number of things we advise our clients to do that we consider with each pre immigration tax planning case. Our goal is to simplify the US tax filing process while minimizing present and future US income tax exposure. Most of our advice is best implemented before moving to the United States becoming a US resident.

In our best-selling book “Coming to America and keeping your money” we review the differences between the most popular methods to immigrate to the United States and the most common tax planning considerations that should be reviewed. if you like books and are considering immigrating to the United States ( or if you're already in the process), I’d like to invite you to download and review the book here.

If you are considering (or are in the process of) Immigrating to the United States, schedule a call today so we can work together to determine what you need to do before coming here. I'm sure you don't pay more taxes than you need to. We are passionate about tax planning and saving money on taxes and want to help you too.

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