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Learn everything a US Non-Resident needs to open a US business and operate it correctly, with step-by-step instructions from James Baker.

After completing our courses, our customers are able to start making money in the US right away.

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All The Tools You Need To Expand Successfully to the US

The confidence in the process and time saved by trusting an expert lead to fast growth.

Our Members experience:

✔ Increased sales

✔ Increased confidence

✔ More time to focus on their business

✔ Lower taxes 

✔ More efficient business operations. 

✔ Lower compliance costs

✔ More exposure to the US market

✔ Higher conversions with US Clients

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Hint: If you want to use a US company to make more money, save time, get more clients and grow your business in the most efficient way possible - you will benefit from working with us!

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We first need to understand your business and goals to determine the best structure for you.

This involves having a video call with James Baker to talk about your business and make a plan. Schedule a call today to learn how having the right US company can transform your business.

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